Tuesday, June 25, 2013

motivating the Monday (a smidge late)

It's been one year and a week or so since we moved into our new house. Yes, we still call it our new house--except for Miles, who calls our home "Miles' house." In fact, when his older brothers try to call our home "Luke's house" or "Charlie's house", just to irritate him, they are successful and get screamed at! Yikes! I guess we keep calling our new house new kind of like we keep calling Baby Way, baby. He's coming up on a year now, so I know that's about to change. Or not. I can live in denial!

But back to it. We lived in our old house for 8 years. It was our first house. Prior to that, we lived in apartments and it was just hubby and me. No kids until we moved into our old house. So, when we decided to move last year (when I was pregnant with #4-yep), we had a LOT more stuff. 8 years + 3 kids kinda stuff. I asked a friend of mine, who has moved over 10 times in less than 10 years how on earth she did it. One of these days, she says she's going to write an e-book on it, but she told me to make a moving notebook/binder!

Score!! I'm all about binders and notebooks! I wrote a post about creating a family notebook here and a Christmas notebook here. So, I quickly hopped to creating our moving binder! And even now, one year and a week or so after we moved and renovated our kitchen, with all new appliances, our double oven decided to break. Bam! No warning. Just zero power. But, thanks to my handy moving binder, I was able to look up model #'s and serial #'s and phone numbers of people to contact to come fix our oven! Before this notebook idea, I promise you, I wouldn't have been able to find any of it! So, in the event that you are moving or renovating or trying to keep your family organized or celebrating Christmas ever in your life, and need a little motivation to get organized, I highly suggest a notebook/binder to help you stay on top of things!

Moving Notebook must-haves. . .

1. Well first you need an actual binder. I lean toward 3 ring binders with 2 inside pockets. It seems my other binders start the same way. . .

2. For my moving notebook, I had 4 dividers with index tabs. In front of my first divider I printed off months of the calendar for appointments I needed to keep track of. For example, I had dates of home inspections, contractor meetings, closing date, moving date, etc. It also became my official calendar for end of school functions and my dr. appts for baby #4!

3. Next I labeled my dividers. My first tab is labeled as our old address. Behind it, I have our purchase and sale agreement copy, the flyer we used to sell our old house, the receipt from our air conditioning service and other repairs we agreed to do on our old house for our buyers. Basically anything having to do with our old house was kept here. The second tab is labeled packing/moving. Behind this I have every phone call I made to moving companies to compare quotes, dates, etc. We had to move out of our old house and live elsewhere for 3 weeks while our new house was being renovated. So our moving process got a little hairy! I had to get several quotes from movers who could come out once and then come back. I also kept packing checklists and tips for moving I found, etc. here. The third tab is labeled renovating/ideas. Here I have pages from magazines that have ideas for lighting, pulls/knobs, paint colors, designs and websites with ideas for the same thing. It was just a place to keep all inspiration that we liked as we designed our kitchen. And our fourth tab is labeled our new address. Here is where I have all of our appliance model #'s, furniture receipts and stores from which we purchased anything for our new house!

4. And finally, like I have in all of my other notebooks, I use a velcro or zip pouch! For this notebook I have business cards for contractors, stores, etc. and our paint swatches we used to paint inside our house! Keeps all the random itty bitty, yet important information together!

Leave it to our oven to break to inspire a motivating the Monday post!

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