Wednesday, June 26, 2013

a 2.5 photo shoot with Miles

When Luke was 2.5, I wasn't into photography yet, but I wanted just a couple of shots of him before new baby was to arrive. I found a photographer friend who took us to a park nearby and captured his sweet round cheeks and precious smile! I don't have those stored on my computer, but I have them printed out and in a collage frame. When Chuckles was 2.5, I began dabbling in photography, so I took him to the same spot and tried to capture the same sweet round cheeks and joyful expressions! You can see those here. Now, Miles is 2.5 (a smidge past), so I took him to the park this past weekend to capture his precious Milesy Smilesy personality! He's been congested and a tad grumpy--just not feeling himself, so it was hard to elicit any smiles, but I think we got a few keepers to go in his own collage for our wall. At 2.5 Miles is compassionate, filled with joy, is independent and is quite a charmer! He melts our hearts!

A genuine smile! That's who you are, Milesy!

A completely blown out image and everything you aren't supposed to do technically in photography, but I love these eyes peeking out! I love you, Miles!

Happy blur!

What's a 2.5 photo shoot without his fave lovie, Bubba? Sweet friends!
Miles, thanks for a special Mommy/Miles trip to the park! I love you!


Sarah said...

What a cute boy! And lovely pictures.

Aunt Mary! said...

Love love love that sweet smile!


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