Friday, July 27, 2012

something gone missing

It's been over a week now, but this cannot go unacknowledged! FINALLY, after almost every one of Luke's friends, has lost his or her first teeth, and some quite a few, Luke lost not only 1, but 2 teeth at once!! Hooray!! We were doing victory dances around here! The bottom middle teeth have been loose for a bit, but what finally managed to get them out, was. . .Charlie kicking Luke in the mouth! I've heard it told a little differently a couple of times now. Not sure that it was a mean kick, but it was a purposeful kick! And what did Luke say to Charlie after running to show me his teeth were out?? "Charlie, thank you SO much for kicking me in the face!" Hahahaha! He's been dying to lose teeth! For me, it's right up there as a milestone---with tying your shoes and learning to ride a bike (we're almost there on that too)! Big talks about what the tooth fairy would bring ensued. Luke really wanted to keep his teeth, so he wrote the tooth fairy a note and asked her if she would leave his teeth in the little baggy! Sure enough, he came super excitedly into our room the next morning, thrilled that the tooth fairy left his teeth along with $2--one for each tooth! Yay, Luke! We are so excited for you!!

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Yay, L!


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