Monday, July 30, 2012

one thing packed

Guess who doesn't have her hospital bags packed? Yep, me! A little unusual since I had my bags packed and ready with the other 3 with 4 weeks left to go! But, though Baby Way will be here on Thursday or sooner, now that my 3 others were induced, I'm just guessing Baby Way will be too. Haven't been that concerned about it and quite frankly, we've just been too busy--in a good way!

But, I do have one thing ready for the hospital. . .my new addition to my charm necklace!!! I'm so excited about wearing it, but won't wear it until Baby Way is here! I've posted about this necklace before---it's a Lisa Leonard designs necklace. I love her jewelry, her story, her blog and this necklace is just perfect for me--a way to have my treasures with me all the time! The jumble of charms necklace only comes with 3 charms initially, I think. Some of them are made for girls. Since I have and will have only boys, I've had to get creative! The customer service at Lisa Leonard designs is awesome. I've worked with Hillary, and she helped me create Miles' charm 2 years ago. I told her I wanted baby feet---since he was probably going to be our last baby! Ha! Then I called her back a few weeks ago and said, "Surprise!" But, not only is Way another addition, he's a boy. Soooo, we didn't have a lot to work with. Finally, I thought it would be just a perfect story to give Way little baby feet as well! So here's my new necklace! Love it! Love my family! Love our new little addition, already!! We can't wait to meet him!!

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jillemersonbell said...

I love my Lisa Leonard necklace!!! I got the idea from you last year. I wear it every day. I guess I better get Hillary on the phone and get me another charm for baby number 3!


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