Friday, July 20, 2012

precious little Miles (almost not the youngest anymore)

I cannot believe that our little Miles is about to not be our baby anymore. Well, before I start crying over that statement, let me clarify. Miles, you will always be our little baby (just not our youngest)!! Luke and Charlie were both 2.5 years old when the newest little brother was born. Miles, though, will only be 22 months--not even 2!! He's at that most precious stage right now too. He melts me. He's so sweet. He's so polite, saying "tank you" anytime that anyone gives him something or helps him with something. He's smiley, he's cuddly, he adores his big brothers, he's quite content hanging on his own, when his sweet big brothers demand my attention. Miles is just in a dream stage and truly he's a dream baby! I'm quite confident that he will eventually reach a stage where I'll throw my hands up and think, "What do I do with you?", but for now I'm soaking it up.

However, in 2 weeks, we'll have another little baby (which we are excited about welcoming into our family), and sappy, emotional, steroid-taking me, is well, sappy and emotional over our little Miles. He's not going to know what hits him, or what hits his Mommy! It occurred to me last week, that I've never made his 0-1 year scrapbook. I seriously got teary over this. I made Luke and Charlie's 0-1 year scrapbook during that year of their life. Sweet Miles is almost 2, and I won't remember the little things, by the time I make his (if I ever do)! These aren't just plop some photos in a book and call it a scrapbook. This is me using scrapbook papers, stickers, calendars, photos, journaling, the whole sha-bang! It takes lots of my time and energy and I love doing it, but I'm not thinking it's going to happen anytime soon. So, I've been fretting. Why in the world do we let these things get to us?? I know I'm not the only one who has things like this. Maybe I'm the only one worrying over a scrapbook, but we all have these things. I'd like to be done!! I think I'm just going to pray that Miles' future wife will forgive me down the road, because really, he's probably not going to care later in life, right?? Or, maybe I'll just pray that eventually get around to making it!!

At any rate, there are so many things I want us to remember about Miles at almost 22 months. . .

--Miles, you love to be outside!!! You bring us your shoes and say "Shoes!" ---which means, "I'm ready to go outside now!" You could play outside ALL day if we let you. You aren't bothered at all by the sweat running down your face and hair! It's adorable how you go straight to "Mahtay" (Mater) and climb on and zoom yourself around. You love finding any and every toy and just entertaining yourself! You even crawl up into your stroller and sit there waiting for someone to come push you. Priceless and adorable!

---You love us to read you books! You are quite content just emptying your book baskets after perusing all of your books, and often come running to us saying, " Book! Book!" and climbing into our laps or pulling us toward the couch or chair to sit and read to you! You always want to bring books in the car to look at as well! We love that you enjoy being read to and that looking at books and learning all kinds of words is one of your very favorite things!

---Miles, you have quite a vocabulary, but some of our favorites that we all laugh at and think are so cute are the way you say, Cheerio (churros, almost like chew-ro), thank you (tank you); you are now saying milk and Mocha instead of gilk and gocha! Your pizza (tata) is nothing like the way the word sounds, but your passion and excitement for pizza is endearing to me because of how very much I love pizza too! We all get so excited at the end of our family devotions when you throw your hands up and say, "Yay God!" (sounding something like yay gone) and the way you fold your hands and bow your head when we pray is so heartwarming! I could go on and on with all of your words, but I'd never stop! We love how much your learning--you are a little sponge!

---Almost as much as you love to go outside, you love to take baths!! I truly believe there is nothing cuter than our wet babies! Ohhhh how I love to eat you up!!! I've mentioned that you are a really happy and content little buddy, but I must say that when bath time is over, you melt like a popsicle on our driveway! That is quite a loud scream/cry-fest to hear!!

---And while there is SOOO much more, I just want wrap up with my favorite thing about your bedtime. Of course, you love to be read to! But after reading and saying prayers, I always ask you if you want to sing. . .and I draw out the word sing and wait. . .and you get so excited for me to name a song! You give me your big silly smile and once I finally say Jesus Loves Me or Twinkle Twinkle or whatever the song is, you say "YES!" and then snuggle up to me and put your head on my shoulder for some last little snuggles before bed. Oh, my sweet Miles! How much we allll love you!! Thank you for being who you are---so perfect to us! And thank you, Lord, for giving us this little treasure!


Ashley said...

Okay, I'm tearing up reading this! Miles, you really are the sweetest thing. -Yes, you are in a fun stage, but even besides that, you are just so special! I know you are going to be such a good big bother to baby Way!

Lauren said...

lindley, print this out, frame it, and put it up in miles' room - it's so sweet & far more precious than many baby books i've seen.
you are a beautiful mommy, and i can't wait to see you loving on all 4 of your babies!

Anonymous said...

I agree that you should frame it and maybe add his picture. I found that I had to re-read what you wrote I was so touched by it -- obviously, it was from your heart. Aunt Susan

Anonymous said...

OK you got me crying...when we skyped the other day, Miles had changed so much since we were there. He's is such a cutie pie and such a happy little boy. He has the best parents and brothers around and will definitely make a wonderful BIG BROTHER. I make a third motion to print your write-up and frame it! Love you, Mimi


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