Saturday, July 14, 2012

our 4th of July

A little late, but better than never! We spent our 4th of July in Memphis for the first time in years! This time, we were in a new house and neighborhood. Well lucky for us, or maybe me, because I think I was most excited about the parade and meeting new neighbors. Our boys and Daddy decorated their scooters and Miles' stroller for the parade and we headed out down the street to the start. A fire truck gave us a start and we walked down a couple of streets to end up at an ice cream truck and a neighbors yard with goodies like watermelon and lemonade! Yummmmy on a hot July morning!

We spent the rest of the morning with friends from CA (who used to live in Memphis) catching up and letting the kids play. We then had our sweet friends the Stouts, come grill out and celebrate the rest of the 4th with us! Kevin taught our children the word Americana as we devoured our burgers, corn on the cob and watermelon, around our new farm table! We love the Stouts and had a blast that night as we headed out to watch a big fireworks show! Our kids were up well over 2 hours past their bedtime, but sometimes, it's worth it---even the attitudes the next day! :)

Miles wasn't in this picture and obviously Baby Way isn't born yet, but in 3 weeks, between our 2 families we will have 12 people! What a crew!!


Molly Witherington said...

fun fun! cant wait to see the new house and hear about baby way's arrival! i saw way rutherford last weekend and told him there was about to be another little way in the world! y'all are in my prayers right now as you prepare for him:)

Anonymous said...

What a great way to celebrate the 4th. The parade with all the children and their bikes was a wonderful idea. -- Susan Sellers

Anonymous said...

What a fun 4th of July! Reminds me of the days on Kirby when we had bike parades when you and Mary would decorate your bikes with all the other kids on the block. Hugs, Mimi


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