Wednesday, May 30, 2012

our SK graduate!

Our oldest little boy just finished Kindergarten! I really can't believe he's done with the year. Thank goodness our move and a crazy pregnancy has kept me busy, or I'd really be a puddle now! I'm just so thankful for Luke's little school, people who love him, and his desire to learn! And oh, what he's learned!

His end of SK program was cute. Sweet Luke claims he can't smile while he sings and while he was singing almost every word, he apparently couldn't open his mouth very much either! Hee hee! He had a good time standing by one of his buddies though---he was instigating some of the whispering during songs---a little sign of nerves we think! It was a sweet performance by all and we're so proud of our Kindergarten graduate!

Luke a 2 of his good buddies--Joel and Cal

Mommy and Daddy are so proud of big boy--now technically a first grader!!

And here's Luke (maybe a smidge shy?) with his teacher on the first day of school and one with his teacher at his end of year program party ( a little more confident!).

You made it, Luke! I remember being so nervous for you at the beginning of the school year. I kept hearing how Kindergarten would be SO hard! And maybe it was harder and stricter than JK, but you handled yourself so well! We truly are so proud of you and love you infinity times infinity! 
Happy Summer, Lukey!!

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