Wednesday, May 30, 2012

breakfast fun

The past few weeks, Miles has taken to pulling out our kitchen chairs, climbing up in them, and looking at us like, "Don't you people think it's time I ate from a big boy chair?" Yet, we keep right on putting him back in his high chair. See, we don't yet have enough chairs or space at our table for 5, much less, the 6th on the way. We are working on that--hopefully as we move into our house, we will find a table with chairs that will fit our growing family!

But this morning (a few days ago), on our last morning together in our old house, I gave in. I let him eat his breakfast in a big boy chair. You should have seen how he held court!!! Crumbs of blueberry muffins were everywhere! He realized quickly that by throwing his plate, or his muffin, he was getting the loudest and best reactions from his big brothers, who thought Miles was hilarious!! Miles would throw something, the brothers would die laughing and Miles looked like a king, or class clown, soaking up all the attention he was getting!

Oh, and what was I doing during all of this? Just snapping away---enjoying the giggles and squeals and marveling at how my youngest had the older boys wrapped around his finger!

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