Tuesday, June 19, 2012

all moved in!

Okay people, I'm back! After 3 weeks of living with my parents after moving out of our old house, we've officially moved into our new house! We cannot be more excited to be here! We still have some renovations going on, but our kitchen is complete! I will be back with before and after pics, but for now, I just wanted to give an update and let you know that we're still around (even though my blog header is still from April--I will change that for July)!

I tried to get a cute shot of my boys in moving boxes, but they were having SO much fun in them, that they were hardly interested in looking at me. This one is cute though! I had contemplated sending out We've Moved cards, and may still do so, but with We've Moved cards, a baby announcement coming up and Christmas all in one year, I thought my hubby might take away my credit card! So, that's still to be determined!

This photo was taken before we moved in, during our 3 weeks of initial renovating. The boys hadn't been inside to see everything yet. But this pic was this past Saturday afternoon, when we brought the boys to the almost completed house on moving day!! You think they are excited, or what?? Oh and Miles is naked because we had already packed up his clothes from my parents before dressing him that morning! :)

The older boys are off to the beach with their grandparents as of today. But, when they get back, we can't wait for our new adventures in our new house to really begin!

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