Tuesday, May 15, 2012

just lyin' around

I wish I could say that I was just lyin' around, like this post title describes. On the contrary with us moving next week! However, since we now have buyers for our house and our house isn't being "shown" anymore, our once show-ready house is but a distant memory. In its place. . . lots of clutter, moving boxes, toys, and parts of my littles (not literally parts) that tell their current stories. . .

Like this for example. In the middle of our hallway, I found this book lying open for me to trip over. If you look closely, you can read that it is opened to the page 20 Ways You Can Protect the Ocean. I'll give you a half a second to guess who was reading this book (forget the fact that only one of our littles is currently a reader). I later asked this one, why he left this book sitting in the middle of the floor. "Mommy, I didn't want to forget to have you read this to see how we can protect our oceans! Here, read it now!" I get it. I am totally forgetting things, and leaving things out where I can remember them is my best bet! Forgiven, Lukey!

I walk from our kitchen to our stairs and find this Spidey mask just lyin' around. Nobody is in it---just quickly taken off and thrown on the ground before nap, maybe? No trouble guessing who forgot to pick this up! Sweet Chuckles. . .

This has become something of a morning routine. Lukey comes downstairs with a couple of his lovies and tucks them into our couch "so Charlie and Miles won't play with them!" Well then, Sweets, how about you just leave them on your bed??

And, though he's totally obsessed with Superheroes, he's also a fan of Star Wars (though he hasn't seen it) and frequently wants someone to have a "lightsaVer" fight with him! I think this time he had wrangled Miles into playing and left them lyin' around when something better came along!

And little Miles, who does like to empty unsealed moving boxes, also offers to be packed up in an effort to help a Mommy out! Too cute!

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