Monday, May 7, 2012

Field Day fun!

May is here and so begins a myriad of activities to keep us busy and wear us out! First up, Field Day! Lukey wasn't looking forward to Field Day this year and I found out why the day of. He told me he remembered that his Field Day last year was when he was stung by the bee. Oh sweet precious---it wasn't Field Day, it was on a field trip! So, whew, with that cleared up, he was much relieved and ready for some exercise and fun!

I love these shots from the sack race! Determined and having a blast, our jumper was quite the jumping bean (usually a name I save for Chuckles, as he truly leaps and jumps everywhere)! Lukey turned it on big time! Even after a fall, he picked back up and jumped his heart out for a photo finish, first place!

They had several different competitions, but the class overall favorite was Tug o' War! Check out the enjoyment on their faces! Luke's team did pull out the victory after defeating 2 different teams and the boys had a blast doing their victory jumps and dances!

Way to go Luke and Team Blue! We love to see you having so much fun!!

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