Monday, April 30, 2012

birthday boy--Part 2

Okay, so I said I was coming back with Part 2 of Charlie's birthday, and it took me a smidge to get back to it. Since tomorrow is May (holy moley), I think I should finish his 4th birthday up!

He is all about superheroes! Always wanting to dress in his superhero costumes, wanting us to fight the bad guys with him or play with his superhero toys. Charlie frequently corrects us when we call him by his name, Charlie. He says, "You mean, Spiderman!"--or whatever the superhero is of the day--which often changes throughout the day. Hard to keep up with our 4 year old!! Anyway, he was hoping for a superhero party, and that's what he got!

We LOVE our cake lady! She never disappoints and her cakes are delish!!

We invited some of Charlie's friends to join him in fighting the bad guys for his party. They decorated t-shirt capes, listened as Superman Daddy read superhero books, played pass the kryptonite and x-ray vision! Charlie was so very excited to have his friends with him and for the day to be all about superheroes! Charlie, you are definitely our favorite superhero ever!

The party was a success--even though we were forced indoors by rain and cold, and we are super thankful for our friends and Aunt Mary who helped make Charlie feel special!

Even though his party was a week later than his birthday, we still celebrated with family on his actual birthday. He chose to have lunch at Five Guys (just like his Mommy did for her birthday---one of our faves). The weather was beautiful on his birthday, so we played outside a lot too! Superheroes, of course!

Happy 4th Birthday, Chuckles!! We love you to pieces!!


Lauren said...

that makes me smile.
precious boys!
and, i love the costumes!

Aunt Mary! said...

Stinking adorable...


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