Tuesday, February 7, 2012

making progress

Let's pretend it's not already February, shall we? Okay, so since it's only January, I'm feeling a little better. Wait, what? I can't pretend with time? Darn it!

Okay, so it's February, and it's already a week into February. And, no, our house is still not listed yet. We first met with our realtors on Dec. 31st. We thought a month to declutter and organize was plenty of time to get a house ready to put on the market. It might have been until travel, sickness and just a whole bunch of life happened! We've made progress though and my sweet friends have pitched in and helped out! My friend, Jennifer, came over one night while Chad was out of town and helped me completely revamp my pantry. 3 trash bags and a donation bag later, and you've never seen a pantry so amazing!! It's incredible! I know where everything is and there is room now for what used to be on top of our fridge! Anytime over the past week that I've felt stressed, I've just gone and opened our pantry door and realized that if this pantry was able to be clean and organized, then anything can be done!! It was quite an accomplishment--thank you, Jennifer!!! And, my friend, Candace, took time out of her day, when her kiddos were at school, to come stage our house! How fun! She completely rearranged our den and gave me hundreds of other suggestions or tips that buyers like/don't like and left me with a list to tackle! Chad and I worked this weekend to make a major dent in the process, and I'm quite pleased! Candace, you are awesome, and we are super thankful! You need to start your own business!!

So, if you followed all of that, we're so close! Although this growing baby is wearing me out, the Lord has given me just enough energy to "nest" and keep forging ahead! We're hoping for a listing date of sometime next week! Yippppeeee!! The clock is ticking!!

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mrchrishill said...

sharing the links of private blogs seems silly, then again having private blogs can be silly too.


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