Thursday, January 26, 2012

just gotta have it!

When I was pregnant with Luke, I craved sweets--all the time! He was due in October, and that summer before, I was wanting/needing ice cream like you can't believe! Now, as a 6 year old, while Luke's still our health nut, he leans more on the sweeter side than the salty side. When I was pregnant with Charlie, I craved salty things (which is more my normal speed anyway). Now, as a 3, almost 4 year old, Charlie prefers salt to sugar. Take yesterday, when it was time for the boys after school snack, Luke wanted Girl Scout cookies from the freezer and Charlie wanted popcorn!! Me, I wanted both and got both. Thank you very much! Now, when I was pregnant with Miles, Chad says I craved Coca-Cola and drank it a lot! I do buy caffeine-free at home, but there isn't that option when I go through a drive-thru, so I also had caffeine, which my dr. was okay with (for the record). At any rate, I can't tell yet, if Miles will be our little Coca-Cola lover, because he's never had any---nor have my older boys. Keep them away as long as possible!!

Okay, so where am I going with this? Well, if what I craved during pregnancy has an impact on what our children like now, then Baby #4 is going to like EVERYTHING!!! I am out of control! I'm really craving everything. Not at once--though yesterday was one of those days. I ate popcorn and Girl Scout cookies, a bowl full of berries and handful after handful of carrots! I'm eating pepperoncinis from the jar and I almost went crazy last night when I desperately wanted a smoothie, but didn't have the right ingredients for one. Seriously. I didn't have orange juice or frozen yogurt, so I ended up on Google searching smoothie recipes. By the way, there are some disgusting sounding smoothies out there. Yuck. I'm not a health nut smoothie drinker. My favorite way to make a smoothie is with the following ingredients. . .a banana, frozen mixed berries, frozen vanilla yogurt and orange juice. Add a little here, add a little there. Since Chad is out of town, I couldn't run out to get the ingredients I was missing and I was bummed. So I went to sleep thinking about the smoothie and woke up thinking about it. So much so that I took all 3 kiddos with me to the grocery store in the pouring down rain, for smoothie ingredients!!! Never something I would do not pregnant!

But now, I am a happy little lark. Finished one smoothie and I'm about to go down another! Just wanted to share! *** OH, and my amazing little chef-of-a-sister is about to start a food blog! Get ready!! She's awesome! I think she may even roll out her new blog next week. . .I'll be sure to link up to her! I'm her biggest fan already! Even if she couldn't help me out with smoothie recipes last night--because she hates them! What??

And one more fun tidbit of my day. . .a quote from our cheese lady at our grocery store--we love Miss Gwen. . . upon finding out I am pregant with #4 she says, "Girl, maybe you and Chad should try playing Scrabble!" Hahahaha! Hilarious!!!

Okay, off to that smoothie!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you got your fix...even if it's disgusting. - Biffage

Heather said...

Sounds like my #4! I ate everything :)

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This blog was such fun to read. i like the way you mention all the small details and the way you have written it, its so funny and interesting.


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