Friday, February 10, 2012

Cooking on the Bright Side

I am so excited to let you know that my sister has joined (or rejoined) the blogging world. She once had a personal blog, but that was a while back! But it's her blog theme that I'm even more excited about!

Mary is a foodie! Really, she's an amazing chef! I think she needs to quit her day job, go to culinary school (like she even needs to) and become our city's next famous chef!! I will admit that some of her recipes involve more time than I am capable of giving a recipe at this point in time---with 3 little kiddos running around and demanding my attention. I imagine, that some of you who read my blog, are in the same situation. HOWEVER, she is awesome, and not all of her recipes take that long. And, here's one of her biggest bonuses. . .she can turn any recipe into something "light"! Chef Mary can fool me anytime into thinking I'm eating something not necessarily as healthy as it could be! Not all of her meals are on the light side, but I'm sure she'll be sharing plenty that are. Basically what I'm saying is, she will, 100%, have something for you to try and LOVE!!

She's just getting started, but you should check out her new blog and add her to your reader. It's time for you to be Cooking on the Bright Side! Stop by and say hi!

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