Friday, November 18, 2011

favorite things Friday (from the littles)

I thought I'd give the FYI Friday, and thus favorite things Friday a different spin. This one is from the boys point of view. These are their actual current favorite things. . . (they can actually be stretched to add to the "f" theme too. . .)

Luke's up first! Our future marine biologist is not giving up his future current day job, but insists that after he's done studying marine animals, like on the weekends, he intends to be an animal explorer, primarily focusing on birds of prey. Ahem. He's in the know on all of them, from hawks, to eagles, owls to falcons. So here is Lukey and his favorite place. . .the Mid-South Raptor Center

Chuckles is currently very into making forts! He designed this one all on his own! While I was unloading the dishwasher this morning, he went up to play in his fort. This is how I found him--reading (looking at) books under his fort. After I snapped a few pics, he wanted me to climb under there too. I managed to get halfway under and we read books together via a flashlight! Fun!

And finally, Miles has a current fave too! Oh my goodness, it warms my heart! Everytime we turn into the parking lot to the grocery store, I start hearing Miles pipe up. It starts as a happy little "cooing" sound and builds into a frantic "Ha" "Ha "Ha!" When I look back at him, he is busy waving and saying "Hi" to the big blow up characters outside our grocery store. Over Halloween, it was a friendly ghost popping out of a pumpkin. Miles loved it! Now, and he gets REALLY excited by them, are Santa, a reindeer and Frosty (though I was corrected by Luke that it isn't Frosty, but just a regular snowman)!! I love to walk Miles right up to them and see his face light up! And the way he waves! Sooo cute!! I didn't get a photo of his face lighting up or him waving (it was too cold to wait for it), but this is his current fave!

Happy Friday from our favorite little boys!!


mrchrishill said...

Ya know... Auburn has a pretty good relationship with raptors as well.

Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

Chris - L knows all about the pre-game tradition and is dying to go to a game.

Babe - great post.



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