Tuesday, July 19, 2011

this, that and pickles!

I promised that I'd have more stories and pics soon (in my last post), but I've not gotten anywhere fast. Just been busy. Summer busy. We've been finding ways to stay entertained and beat the heat. I'm trying to soak up the days of not having to be anywhere early. Not having to get showered and ready first thing before getting the boys up (like I try to do during the school year). Some days it helps though. Like yesterday, when I needed to be up and ready to get the boys dressed and fed and to the grocery store by 8:15, (which turned out to be 8:30) because Miles had a dr. appt. at 9:15 and I had to leave time to drop off the "cold" groceries at the house before the dr. appt. Then after the appt. we rushed home for Miles' nap and to fix lunches and apply sunscreen for our sprinkler park playdate. It's good for us to have some busy days, you know, to keep us on our toes since school starts in 4 weeks. Blah!

Anyway, while on our lake house trip, my mom, who is known as the "One who loves giving babies their first pickle bites" got to do exactly that! It was Miles' turn, and I'll let the pics do the talking. . .

Adorable sour face, Miles!

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Aunt Mary! said...

Hahaha, I think our Mommy could have a career taking pictures of strangers and feeding pickles to babies!


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