Thursday, July 21, 2011

blueberry pickin' or eatin'?

One morning while on our lake trip, Chad took Luke down to the dock for a swim. Charlie decided to go with Grandpa and me to pick some blueberries. I was thrilled he wanted to go with us! See, he's not a big fan of bluberries. Most mornings he reminds me (ever so nicely of course) that he doesn't like blueberries, yet I continue to put them on his breakfast plate. They ARE one of the healthiest foods we can eat, come on! And, most mornings these blueberries sit on his plate until I pop them in his mouth. It's sad that we force feed Charlie blueberries.

Anyway, Charlie was very interested in coming along to pick the blueberries. Great! I figured he'd be quite the helper and not the eater. Boy, was I wrong! We got our boxes and baskets and found our blueberry bushes (on a perfectly overcast day, so it wasn't too hot) and started picking away. Grandpa mentioned that we could eat a few, taste them to make sure they were good. So, Charlie did, and very quickly emptied his blueberry box before I could say, "Holy blueberry eater!" Who knew? There must have been something about these freshly picked bites of deliciousness that Charlie also loved, because he went from being a super picker, to a super eater! My dad and I ended up doing all the work!

Figuring out the box. . .

Hard at work. . .

and hardly working. . .

The 2 Charlies!

And, who was the sign made for??? I'm not calling anyone out. . .Chuckles!

Ahhhhh!! A delicious treat awaits!

It was a fun time in Pickens, SC, the middle of nowhere, on a beautiful hill full of blueberry bushes as far as we could see! Thanks for the treat, Dad!

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Anonymous said...

So glad I could read and see the experience rather than experiencing the experience!

So...that reminds me of a book you just got Chuckles from the library.



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