Wednesday, July 27, 2011

patience in fishing

I'm kinda enjoying my "Lakehouse" series of posts. It makes me feel like we are still there! It does amaze me that there is so much, yet so many simple things, to do in the middle of nowhere! For example, my dad had big intentions of teaching Luke and Charlie how to fish. He bought them fishing poles and proceeded to teach them how to cast. It was quite a dangerous undertaking---or could have been if my Dad hadn't been smart enough to not put a real hook on the poles! With all the flying of lines, if there had been a real hook on their poles, we would have been to the ER (where? i don't know) for sure! Chad got into it too--though really he spent his time trying to untangle Charlie's line--what a mess. . .Charlie worked on doing that too--which didn't really help!

The boys, especially Luke, REALLY wanted to catch a fish, but they had to gain control over their poles first. They came close, but it turned out to be a to-be-continued fishing event. Things learned:  fishing requires patience, stillness and one being quiet. Not the easiest things for our little guys at the moment! Hang in there, Lukey--patience is a virtue!

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Anonymous said...

Great pics of the boys.



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