Monday, July 11, 2011

Hello July!

We've just returned from our annual lake house trip in South Carolina and while I knew it was already July, it's hard to believe it's already almost the middle of July! After being gone a while, it seems there is much to do around the house. You know, like laundry, tidying up, grocery trips, more laundry, and trying to help the boys remember how to entertain themselves--not an easy task, since they spent the past 10 days being entertained by us, grandparents or others and ALWAYS had something to do!!

But back to July! I'm afraid I should have labeled my June header "Summer" instead of June. I don't think a July header is in the works. However, I have tons of pictures and stories to share and might as well fill you in on our 4th before its August 4th!

Ahhhh, the lake in the summer! Such a fun family time! You better believe we had a "F" day on the 4th too!

The 4th was filled with flag cake makin'

and of course flag wavin'

and no July 4th is complete without fireworks!!

My parents lake house community sets off fireworks a boat ride away from their house. For the past few years, we have joined up with friends and had a parade of boats from the entire community come together, tie up to each other and cheer on the fireworks. Last year, I was sick and didn't make the late night boat trip for the show, so this year, Chad stayed back at the house with Miles, while Luke, Charlie and I headed out with Mimi and Grandpa to be a part of the festivities!

We ventured out before it got dark. . .

a sweet couple, my parents, aka Mimi and Grandpa

Can you see all the boat lights??

The boys and I enjoyed the "pop pop booms" and a late night snack too!

Happy late 4th of July to you all! More fun lake trip pics and stories to follow!

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Anonymous said...

How sweet - we're ready to go back to the lake...are you? Love Miles and his flag!! So cute of the boys icing the cake. Love Mimi


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