Monday, June 27, 2011

Letter Days

It's definitely been summer fun around here, but wanna know what's added to the fun? A little bit of learning! Little Chuckles hasn't quite nailed down all of his ABC's yet, so we've been having Letter Days around our house! So far, we've had a "B" day, a "P" day, a "C" day and an "L" day. Our boys now wake up every morning and ask for a Letter Day! We haven't had one everyday because they take a little pre-planning on my part, but at least they're excited!

Each of the mornings, I've drawn a big letter on computer paper (a visual for Charlie) and we've listed every word that comes to mind, on the paper around the letter. Having Luke helps for sure, because Charlie still throws out any ol' word assuming it starts with the letter of the day! Then, I bring out the coloring pages I've printed (the night before) of things that start with that letter. For "B" day they colored Belugas (as in whale--hmmm, who do you think enjoyed that?), baseballs and bats, beach pictures, etc. When you know your children's interests, you can tailor their print outs!

The rest of the day we do activities surrounding the Letter of the Day! For example, on "L" day we went to the library, had lemonade and lollipops, etc. On "B" day we had burgers at the Butcher Shop, read books, went on a bug hunt, etc. On "P" day we went to the park, had a picnic, and watched Peter Pan while eating pizza and so on and so on!

It's been a lot of fun doing the little things that keep their brains sparked during the summer. Really, we've done all the same things we would normally do, but with a small amount of planning ahead, we've combined the activities into a Letter day! Easy peasy and worth the extra thought--especially for their squeals of "Hooray!! It's a Letter Day!"

Popsicles for "P" day

Pizza and Peter Pan for "P" day!

Books for "B" day!

Miles participates when he can. . .Puffs for "P" day!

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Adorable! or, en espanol, adorable!



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