Friday, May 27, 2011

t ball and jk wrap up

Not the most creative blog post title but I realized I hadn't closed out Luke's JK year yet and needed to do so! I've been turning my blog into blog books--can't remember who started me on this, but I now have 2 (1 from my first 3 years of blogging and 1 from my last year of blogging) and plan on making a blog book at the end of each year! It is so much fun already going back and reading stories and the boys LOVE looking at themselves in the books and asking me to tell them about the pictures! So, click here if you ever want to make some blog books for your family. It's a perfect way to journal the big and small events in our lives!

So, on to making sure I document Luke's end of the year in JK! Grandparents Night and Open House were conveniently combined into one night! Luke had been talking about showing us all of his creations for weeks, so he was thrilled when the day finally arrived! Hooray that Mimi and Grandpa were able to come!

 One of the last units in JK was studying the rain forests! He made a paper mache snake and was so proud! One of my favorite things they did in JK was his picture journal. They had journal titles at the top of each page of their journals and were to draw pictures of what the journal title described. For example, one was for the day the JK went to the pumpkin patch. Luke drew a picture and said he got stung by a bee and had fun kicking up dust. In fact, his bee sting was a HUGE deal for him and I remember being so thankful I was able to go on the field trip (less than 2 weeks after Miles was born) to comfort him! There were lots of other entries, but I know it will be something we pull out many times down the road---to remember the cute things he thought about when he was 5!

And what school year is complete without a Field Day? You know, one where the kids all run around on the lush green grass in May? Well, this year, we were inside the gym due to the torrential rain we had been having. It would have been a mud fest! But the gym was fine for the 3 legged race, which Luke and Sophie tore up! Good job team!! There was also good traction for the classic tug-o'-war! Great sportsmanship, Mrs. Patterson's class!

Luke also had an end of the year program, where he and the rest of JK sang songs about the seasons and different events that happened during their JK year. It was really sweet---or would have been--if Chad and I hadn't been so distracted by our little "shark!" See him in the middle?

 Luke was determined to be a shark the ENTIRE program, making these frightening adorable faces non-stop. Chad and I kept looking at each other throughout the program thinking, "What are ya suppposed to do?" I apologize to all of the other JK parents out there whose lovely pictures of their children included a fiesty shark in them! I mentioned our shark to Luke's teacher after the program and she laughed and said she would try to encourage him to smile during the program and every time his eyes caught hers he made a fiercer shark face, so she stopped trying! Ha! Yeah, us too! Aaaahhh, my dear Lukey, one of these days you will laugh reading this!

And finally, Luke was up to bat again this year! His second year of playing t-ball had a stormy start. We had practices and games cancelled, but just wrapped up this week. Luke wasn't a fan of the outfield, because the players were told if they caught the ball to throw it to first base. There were some positions that never touched the ball which led to a bored Lukey--he even sat down in the middle of the outfield during one game! However, the games where he played short stop he was thrilled to run and dive for balls and was so proud to tell us he "fielded lots of balls!"

He loved batting of course and was thrilled to get a triple one game. That same game, after his triple and his next at bat, he ran right by several other teammates on base and was told to go back to first. He didn't get it--he wanted to keep going to home! We may need to hit up some minor league games this summer!! Way to play, Slugger!

What a fun school year this has been, Luke! We love you and are so proud of you!

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Aunt Mary! said...

Ohhh Aunt Mary just laughed out loud at the shark it!

On a side note...make him quit growing up so fast!


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