Wednesday, June 1, 2011

searching for strawberries

It's become a tradition to take the boys strawberry pickin' so we loaded up last Friday afternoon (when it was still cool outside--don't know why the heat ever has to come) and did just that! We hit the tail end of the season due to our busy May, but found some perfectly ripe ones and were all smiles!

The boys searched

and searched

and even Miles helped look around, though his view was mainly straight out or straight down.

Luke proved to be the hard worker (he is older of course), while Charlie was still all smiles and had a blast jumping the rows, thus turning his strawberries into strawberry juice!

Luke and Charlie were obviously thrilled they were going home to eat yummy strawberries. And Miles, well he wasn't too pleased to find out he isn't old enough for strawberries yet!


Molly Witherington said...

I think I missed a memo. I know they're not supposed to have pb or shellfish until 1 or 2 (depending on who you talk to) but I didn't know about strawberries. I'm pretty sure Rainer had them at 8 months! Oh well, I think that was her first PB&J too! Love Charlie's t-shirt!

Anonymous said...

Great post, great pics, great new header!

Anonymous said...

The boys are precious and can't wait to take them to pick blackberries this summer with Mimi and Grandpa. Love you, Mimi


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