Tuesday, May 17, 2011

for me (and maybe their wives one day)

Right now I want to remember. . .
--how every night over the past week Charlie wants his chat time to be about "chefs" and what he is going to make for me at his restaurant. . .pepperoni pizza and of course, it will have green olives (Mommy and Charlie's favorite, but not Luke or Daddy or Miles and then he dissolves into giggles because of course Miles can't have olives yet). Every night--and it has gotten old to him, and I love it so much when he grabs my face and says green olives for us and lays his head beside mine on the pillow!
He is also completely obsessed with Star Wars. When this stage first came about I was devastated. He was too young, I thought. I still do think my newly turned 3 year old is too young and of course we haven't let him OR Luke watch it yet. However, if you could just spend 24 hours with Chuckles and see his passion for anything big boy like Luke--it's adorable. He carries Luke's light saber around ALL the time and talks to me incessantly about Luke Skywalker, R2-D2, Annakin, "Darfa Vader" and so on. He colors his Star Wars coloring book (a present from Mimi and Grandpa) every day and will find one more piece of white on a page he didn't color yet---and mainly uses blue--he must have his blue crayon. These things are precious to me!
--how Luke is even more (if that's possible) mesmerized by the ocean and all its sea life. I am loving his absolute joy of getting to read his newest research guide chapters on dolphins and sharks with us at night! I love how he lays his head on my shoulder curled next to me telling me when he already knew that piece of information or already asking what sea creature I want to be when we play tomorrow.
He is also really into bugs after studying the rain forest at school and even convinced me to carry a plastic cup with dirt, a spider egg and LIVE spiders in my car (though I didn't know this until half way down the street after leaving school--at which time I freaked out and wanted to toss them out the car window but had panic squealing from the backseat and couldn't break his heart so I quickly and fortunately found a plastic ziploc bag in my car in which to contain them until we were home). He wants to find bugs with his magnifying glass all over our yard and even in our house (sadly we have them to find). For some reason, I am finding this so endearing and just fully embracing being a Mommy to boys! ** Oh, and how tonight at dinner (after I already posted this, so I am adding this) Lukey said, "Mommy, even if you weren't my Mommy, I would love you more than my Mommy, because you are the BEST Mommy!" Melt my heart! He followed it with. . .and Daddy is the best Daddy, and Charlie and Miles are the best brothers and Mocha and Sparky and his new pet spiders (above) are the best pets. . .etc!
--how Miles kicks his legs up and down bouncing his whole body in our arms when we finally pick him up out of his carseat---a place he finds himself often. His beaming eyes and smiles and the way he is starting to chatter so much now light me up! He is really exploring now, even if by accident. When he's getting tummy time, he pushes himself backwards and ends up in new places--sometimes he's thrilled, other times not so much. Milesy is loving books and before bed is still my favorite--when he smiles with that wide open grin and looks from me to the book and back to me. That and when he nuzzles his face into my neck--wanting a cuddle and some sleep. Sweet angel baby!

Thank you Lord for our precious Treasures!

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