Friday, May 13, 2011

all smiles!

Hey Everyone! It's me, Milesy-Smilesy (except for when I have sinusitis induced bronchitis and an ear infection and wheezing, AND I'm on a steroid, breathing treatment and an antibiotic for 20 days, like I am now--then I don't smile as much)! Boo. But Mommy and Daddy still think I am a champ!

Anyway, I just thought I'd hijack my Mommy's blog and see if any of you know why I am smiling in these pictures. . .any guesses???

Okay, I'll tell you. It's because 2 of my biggest entertainers (minus Daddy) are busy entertaining me! Gosh, I love my big brothers and BIG bubbles!!

It's already HOT down here! Hooray for BUBBLE SEASON!!!


Anonymous said...

Nice pics!


Anonymous said...

Chuckles loves those bubbles! Very cute pictures. Love, Mimi


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