Thursday, May 5, 2011

just a few of the numbers in my day

13 diapers changed

75oz. milk/formula poured or made

$71.20 spent at the gas pump

Over 140 minutes spent in the car driving to and from school, t-ball practice and swimming lessons

48, 30 and 20--the number of lbs. my babies weigh (I know this because of the 5 dr. visits we've been to in the past month for the varying sicknesses we've had in our house.) Can you guess who is who? Sure you can, but do you see anything interesting about them?

150 times I've heard booty or pee pee or poo poo head in my house today (all said in a high pitch silly squeal, but very softly with little hands covering their mouths--so I don't hear them because they know I'm not a fan)

And lastly, at tuck in time. . .
1--I love you Mommy
1--I wuv you Mama and another I wuufffff you too, Mama!
1--"Heh huh heh, goooo" with a smile (which obviously means I love you too!)


Aunt Mary! said...

And the last ones make some of the less-fun numbers totally worth it...

=) Three precious boys lucky to have such a wonderful Mommy!!!

(And Daddy, but obviously this weekend is about the rockin Moms in our lives)

Anonymous said...

Ditto to Aunt Mary.

love you babe.

Anonymous said...

eh ehm...It's been over a week.



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