Sunday, January 30, 2011

a week to forget, but we'll always remember!

***Update to below. I actually wrote this on Friday during the boys' nap, but left it to answer a crying baby. I saved it to post later, just so one day we could remember this 2 week period from you know where, not that we'll ever forget it! Ha ha ha! Saturday morning, we woke up to find Lukey throwing up. Poor little thing. He watched 6 movies on Saturday and 3 today. That's more screen time than he's had in the past 6 months combined. Against every fiber of my being, but a necessity to spare Miles from getting the flu, and one that made Luke a quick fan. We may have created a movie buff! Anyway, my stamina waivered this weekend, especially tonight, when my hubby left for a week long trip. However, as I write this update, I know friends and family are praying for us, that the Lord is ALWAYS with us and I'm still thankful.

I'm kind of in shock right now. Currently, in our house, we have RSV, the flu, 2 sinus infections and an ear infection. I thought it was bad when Miles came down with RSV, but now with Luke getting the flu, holy moley. I did have a friend remind me today that it could be a lot worse. This is true, and she's a good friend. If everyone got the stomach bug, I might throw in the towel, or drive downtown to my sister's office (she works in a tall building) and jump. Okay, not really, but I despise throwing up. Who doesn't, right? But really, I do the most. Really. I know it could be worse. And I'm jesting with all of this so I can laugh. We've spent $100 just on co-pays for dr. visits this week. We've spent over $200 on prescrips and over the counter meds at Walgreens this week.

But I have to say, I know that in the midst of our painfilled and inconvenient sicknesses, we are truly blessed. Yesterday, I was feeling overwhelmed and down. Today, I'm feeling overwhelmed but thankful. Thankful to our friends who have called to see if they can drop off food. Thankful to a sweet friend who brought us a portable tv for Luke so he can watch movies and be quarantined from Miles. Thankful for my parents who kept the older boys for a couple of nights as Miles struggled with RSV, and have made grocery runs and done countless other things for us. Thankful for family and friends who have called and sent emails checking on us. And very thankful for all of your prayers. We aren't in the hospital, no tragedy has come upon us. And, we are thankful to the Lord for that. We are just sick, but we feel LOVED.

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I love you.



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