Tuesday, February 1, 2011

a new read

I am so excited for a new month! The month of love! And, just today, a new book I've been anxiously awaiting, arrived! A friend of mine from a Bible study a few years back sent me an email the other day. She told me of a blog, A Holy Experience, she has been reading that is incredible. I checked it out, and my friend was right. This woman, Ann Voskamp, is an amazing writer, storyteller and she loves the Lord! I poured through her blog one night and discovered she has just published a book. I was very interested and ordered it from Amazon right away! The very next day, I was reading through 2 other well known blogs (I do love to read blogs) and they also mentioned her new book. And after reading further, her book just landed on the USA Today's bestseller list after being released for only 2 weeks! This book, One Thousand Gifts, is sweeping the nation and I cannot wait to delve into it! It's about living a life of joy and of love and learning from the Lord. So tonight, I am planning to pour a cup of tea, sit under a warm blanket and begin reading this highly praised book! What a perfect way to spend the first night in February!

1 comment :

Stephanie said...

I started reading her blog last week too! I've got the book on my amazon wish list. I'll look forward to your review. :)


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