Tuesday, July 6, 2010


A belated Happy 4th of July to you all! We just got back in town from a wonderfully fun and quick trip to my parents lake house in South Carolina and I'm feeling thankful . . .

thankful for our amazing country and so proud to be an American. . .
thankful for my parents, who love us beyond belief
thankful that when I wound up sick with a stomach bug on July 4th, my sweet boys had their grandparents and precious Daddy to care of them
thankful for slices of toast and jam with tiny American flags sticking out of them (made by my mom) to make me still feel apart of the festivities, even when I was too sick to join in the fun
thankful for my healthy boys who were able to have so much fun jumping off the dock and swimming with their Daddy and Grandpa
thankful for beautiful, inspirational patriotic music
thankful for fireworks that bring so many families and friends together to celebrate our great country
thankful for the Lord's timing
thankful for safe roadtrips
and I'm feeling thankful for HOME---no matter where we are, when we are all there, it is home!!

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Aunt Mary! said...

I'm so sad to hear you got sick on the trip - but glad everything is okay!

Jealous of y'alls amazing time in South Carolina - but we did celebrate "cuatro de Julio" by blasting some U.S.A. music while we ate breakfast that morning (my homemade chorizo and goat cheese omelets)

Love each of you more than words can say and miss you tons! And jealous of your American flags...

Proud to be an American indeed!


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