Friday, June 25, 2010

sweet music to their ears!

The heat around here is calling for all things cool! So, yesterday afternoon was filled with just that! First on the list was playing in the sprinkler, which led to just the hose. Apparently that was ALL the rage! The boys loved it--I think you can tell by these exhilrated faces. . .

And, while we were playing in the sprinkler, we heard the sweet music of the ice cream truck, which in turn, ellicted lots of squeals from the boys! If you read our Summer List, a couple of posts ago, you might have noticed that getting ice cream from the ice cream truck and getting sno-cones this summer were both on the list. Well, Luke and Charlie combined the two and both chose a sno-cone from the ice-cream man! They were in heaven! I would also like to take a moment to say (mainly to my sweet hubby), I promise our children don't just eat sweets and treats. It's funny to me that my last post has pictures of Girl Scout cookies, my header (for those of you who read through Reader and don't see our actual blog) has the boys eating popsicles and now the boys are eating sno-cones. But come on, it's summer, and this is a fun part of life! I say, enjoy away--they get their fruits and veggies too!!

Yummy and soooo refreshing!!!

*And, I updated my photoblog. Again for my Reader readers, that is For the rest of you, it's just a click on my link up at the right!


Anonymous said...

Yes. That was my first thought as I lightly alluded to when you told me yesterday!

I love you, still!


Aunt Mary! said...

Umm, can I do this instead of sitting at work on a hot day? (Forget the AC - give me my nephews and some hose/sprinkler action!)


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