Friday, June 4, 2010

red, delicious treats!

We have been on a mission to go pick strawberries for some time now. Last year Luke and I went with some friends and had a great time. Charlie was sick then, so he didn't get to participate and I knew he would love it this year! The signs pointing the way popped up in late April, but May is such a busy time, that it was impossible to make it there until yesterday! As soon as we got out of the car, Charlie was screaming "dawberries" and Luke took off to find the best row for picking!

Luke was our #1 picker. He knew to look for the red ones because they tasted the best!

Charlie was so proud of every "dawberry" he picked!

Charlie was our box holder and he took the job seriously!

Because these strawberries were grown without pesticides, etc., we were told we could taste test a couple. The boys were delighted! Charlie was under the impression that it was snack time and had to be convinced we would take them home to eat them later!

After all the pickin' was done, we headed back home to enjoy our delicious treats!

Ripe, red strawberries-----yummmmmy!


Unknown said...

Umm, I would like the following in no particular order:


Hugs from my nephews

And okay, those popsicles on your header look good too...

Unknown said...

How cute they are picking strawberries. So serious! Maybe we can pick blackberries when they come to the lake at the Berry Farm. Love Mimi


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