Tuesday, June 1, 2010

a strange, exciting land!

"And I would like to go. . .to a strange, exciting land." These are the words from the song "Pirate Sam" a favorite of ours from a Music for Aardvarks class we attended in the winter. We listened to the cd on the way back from our Memorial Day weekend trip to visit dear friends in Michigan. As we were all singing along, Luke chimed in that these lyrics were exactly like our trip----and Michigan to be exact! We got a good laugh! Though 12 hours north-ish of us and filled with growing Christmas trees everywhere, Michigan is not all that different from the south. The weather was actually hotter there than it was at home while we were gone! But, Lukey was referring to the "exciting" part, because we all had a blast!

We stayed with our good friends, the Mills (in their beautiful house that my whole family is coveting). For the past 7 years, since graduating from grad school at IU, we have met up with the Mills family almost every year ( minus a summer having babies). They have been to Memphis, us to Michigan and we've even met in Destin. But, this was the first time for the boys to go to Michigan (Luke was in my tummy last time). The Mills have 3 girls, 2 of which are close to Luke and Charlie's age, so the long weekend was packed with fun and playmates! We hit their Botanical Gardens, the pool/water park, playground, a date night for the parents, had a cookout with more friends from our old Bible study, went to an ice-cream shop, devoured popsicles, had dinner with a good friend of mine from my teaching days back in Dallas and her family, played in the sprinkler, played golf, enjoyed our annual tradition of the game Yahtzee, etc. Exhausted at night, but raring to go in the mornings, this weekend was a treasure to us! We are so thankful to have these dear friends, and it's icing on the cake to see our boys and their girls developing these friendships so early in life! We love you, Mills'!

Luke and Janie---sweetest friends!

Our 2 boys and their 3 girls!

Charlie and Juliana "Juju" enjoyed a walk in the wagon!

Can't wait 'til next time!!!!


Anonymous said...

fun, fun, fun!

i'm coveting your seasonal headers and photography skills. i don't view you in reader b.c i like to drool over your headers! :)


Elisabeth Mills said...

Come back! I think next time you come to Michigan, we need to do a cottage stay and have a quintessential small-town America weekend!


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