Monday, June 14, 2010

the summer list

Summer life is finally here! It came a few weeks ago, but once school was out, we were off on vacation, then back to regroup for a short week and we just finished up a week of Vacation Bible School! So now, here is summer--along with the heat! With 110 degree heat indexes, I'm a little unprepared! Having boys, one always needs to be prepared. I'm all for lazy days, but lots of time unplanned leads to wrestling and results in someone crying, or it leads to "Can we please watch Diego?", which drives me crazy. Not the show. I love Diego. It's really cute and informative and right up my boys' alley! BUT, I'm only a fan of one show a day max. I don't even like a show everyday. AND, I try to use that time to my advantage, like when I'm trying to get dinner ready. Yes, there are some exceptions, but we try to stick to that rule of thumb. So, it's a lot harder in the summer when we have more time on our hands and it's blazing hot and too dangerous to hang outside.

As I've been trying to be intentional about seeking out fun activities for the summer (many for days without dangerous heat), Luke has been helping me come up with ideas for us to do. We decided to make a list. It's an on-going list, one that we get to add to, when we come up with more. I started writing down some of the ideas we came up with during the boys' nap/rest time last week. When Luke came down after his rest time, he was SO excited and immediately wanted to add to it---by drawing bugs and giving me more ideas! I love that he's thrilled to be a part of our planning! We already checked off our strawberry picking as you might have seen in our last post, but stay tuned for more fun filled summer acitivities in the Jackson household!

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Aunt Mary! said...

More Da tee da tee da at Aunt Mary's place? I'll work on this on my end as well...sounds like a GREAT summer activity to me! (I'll even provide the raspberry sorbet)


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