Sunday, April 18, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Charlie!

Happy Birthday Sweet Charlie!

Last week our little Chuckles turned 2!! He began life being called "Baby Charlie" and spent the last year of his life being called "Toddler Charlie" by his big brother and appears now to have graduated to simply Charlie! Though Charlie will always be our baby, he's growing up and last week called for a celebration in his honor!

We have a tradition of singing Happy Birthday first thing in the morning to the birthday person in our house. Charlie was all smiles and begged to have us sing again! We did, of course, several times, and he joined in the singing too! He shortens "Happy Birthday" to "Happy Day!" Balloons are on his favorites list right now, so he was thrilled to have them tied to his chair at breakfast. And so his day began. . .

After running errands with Mommy to get ready for his party, enjoying pizza (another favorite) for lunch, and taking a nap, he was ready to P-A-R-T-Y!! This year we had asked a few friends to join us for a party at a local bookstore in town! Our favorite story lady, Miss Marjorie, helped us celebrate by leading story time for Charlie and his friends. They sang songs, read Chugga-Chugga-Choo-Choo (another favorite) and made a craft all before serenading Charlie and eating yummy cake! Thank you, special friends, for joining us! We had so much fun!

After partying, we headed back to our house for more celebration! Nana and Poppy (who came all the way from DC to make the event) and Aunt Mary and Kevin came back with us and grilled out burgers and dogs before Charlie began diving into some presents!

We are blessed beyond belief to have Charlie in our lives! He is full of joy and lights everyone up! The Lord has given us such an amazing gift in Charlie and we are forever thankful for him!! We love you, Charlie! Happy 1st Birthday--oh wait, silly Charlie, you were just trying to trick us!! Happy 2nd Birthday!

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mrchrishill said...

happy birthday little man! and I see two fingers in that last shot... the thumb counts in my book.


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