Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Most Valuable Pics--Destin weekend!

We're back from a quick little trip to the beach and what a fun time we had!! Waves, sand, sun, sea creatures, yummy food and great quality family time!!! And, there's nothing more exciting to photograph than little ones and God's majestic ocean! What a perfect combo! So, since I took hundreds of shots (literally), I won't bore you with all of them. But, since I must post some of them, here are the Most Valuable Pics of our latest Destin weekend. . .

Best "Chillin' on the Beach" photo

Runner up "Chillin' on the Beach" photo

Best "Having a Blast!" photo 

"Most Adorable Boys Ever" photo

Best "Sportin' a Hat" photo

Best "Jumping for Joy" picture

Best "Mommy-was-here-but-didn't-want-her-front-to-show-because-parts-of-her-are-getting-to-big-to-fit-into-anything-and-she's-not-talking-about-her-preggo-tummy-yet" photo

For those of you  family members who want to see lots more beach pics, I do plan to update my photo blog soon too!


Anonymous said...

Awesome pics, Babe.


Unknown said...

These just make me happy!

And yes - about time to update the photoblog - there is not ice out anymore! It's like leaving your Christmas lights up until February or something...WHO would do that?!


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