Thursday, April 22, 2010

And now that he's 2. . .

I thought Charlie deserved an update!

Charlie was born a social butterfly! From the moment he could smile, he searched for people to smile back at him. I remember in the midst of chaos when Luke was still 2 and much of our focus was on him and not Charlie (who was hanging out in the bouncy chair), anytime we would glance at Charlie, he would beam from ear to ear! He's still like that! Though he has reached a semi-shy stage, he loves attention and loves to share "hi's" and "goodbye's" with any and everyone! Charlie is so sweet and is great at using his manners so far! He especially loves attention from his brother. AND, Charlie gets the attention from Luke, often when Charlie is doing something that he shouldn't do, which of course, encourages him to keep on doing it! Oh my, and we are having a third???

Sweet, melt our heart Charlie is definitely our most challenging so far! He is 100% boy. I never really understood that phrase when Luke was younger. I didn't really know what it meant, because Luke was so different than Charlie. And in case you don't know what 100% boy means, it's this. . .doesn't sit still, attention span not the best in the world, loves ALL sports, doesn't even try to get dirty and does, much more physical than verbal, and I could go on. NOW, I know that some of this is just his personality and has nothing to do with being a boy, but I do believe that phrase was made for him!

And now for some "stats"

Most often heard words or phrases: Basketball hoop (he wants to play outside with his hoop 24/7), more milk, please (mo milt, peez), dah-te-dah-te-dah (a game that he and Luke invented--played at Aunt Mary's--we drive by her street multiple times a day on the way to anywhere, and the boys both, at the top of their lungs scream this), Go FedEx (doh, ded ex) and Froggy (rahrey). **Also, now that he's been in speech therapy for 3.5 months, his word count is soaring! He is still somewhat hard to understand and a little behind age, but we couldn't be happier in his progress! His "s", "f", "g" etc. are tough, so his counting to 10 sounds like this. . . "One, ooh, eeh, or, ive, ix, " etc.

Favorite activity: Playing basketball outside---he can dribble like an NBA star!!

Favorite food: Pizza (just like his mommy) and chips (he does eat healthy things I promise, but those are his top 2----he even requests chips for breakfast--but doesn't get them, don't worry)

Favorite songs: "Who Did" (as in Who Did Swallow Jo-Jo-Jonah?), Holy, Holy, Holy, "Bring Back" (as in Bring Back My Bonnie to Me), and much more.

Favorite show: Diego (because that's all Luke watches)

Nicknames: Chuckles, Char-Char, Chuckalicious, Littlebit, Muffin

Height/Weight: At his 2 yr. check up he weighed 25.5 lbs, which put him in the 25th%; he was 33 inches long, which puts him in the 10-25th%, so he's still our "littlebit"

Sleeping notes: he's still sleeping with a paci at nap/night, and of course with Froggy and many other lovies. He's still in his crib, though a big boy bed and room is in the works for the summer to be ready for his new brother or sister.

I could go on and on and should probably list more for journaling purposes, but at least I have this! We love our little 2 year old!

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