Friday, February 19, 2010

random thoughts and happenings

So, it's been a little while since I have written. I blame this on 3 things. First, my #1 fan, my husband, usually gets on to me when it's been too long and begs me to blog. He's been busy and hasn't been begging. Second, all of us have been busy and I'm quite tired during nap/rest time or late at night! Third, I actually haven't picked up my camera in 2 weeks, since I took some shots of my friend Jennifer's sweet new baby and sometimes feel that blogging without a pic (potentially like this post) isn't as much fun, so I haven't been super inspired. There you have it. But today, I felt inspired by random thoughts and so I'm back at it!

I think we've been needing some sunshine and warmer weather (yes, I did just write that---though I still am a lover of rain and cold temps)! My friend Rebecca declared the other night at our bible study that all of us are in need of Vitamin D!! I bought into it right away, though I haven't purchased it yet. Since then, every blind has been open in the house and today, our first warm and sunny day in a long time, I took the boys outside and we soaked up some sun!!

While out there, I took down our Christmas lights. Yes, it's February 19th, and they've officially come down! We've had many people at our house between Christmas and now and not one friend has harassed us for still having them up! Thank you friends AND parents for keeping your thoughts to yourself, and if you were too embarassed to come back until they were down, feel free to head back on over!!

I blame (I'm doing that a lot in this post) us not having our lights down on the cold temps, rain, snow and/or ice we've had so much of lately. Of course, we aren't the only house in Memphis that has had this weather. I have no idea how other people took their lights down already! Ummm, Kelly, is your Christmas wreath down yet?? But this snow and ice makes me think of the Olympics, of which I have been watching LOTS! Once again, I must say, the DVR has revolutionzed my life! I can record the 4 hours+ of Olympics each night and by the time I sit down to catch up, I can fast forward to what I'm interested in and not spend anywhere near 4 hours watching! It's AWESOME!! Except for last night, when my DVR stopped recording right before I found out who won the Gold medal in men's figure skating. That was not cool. But, it turns out our USA guy won and I was thrilled!!!

I've saved some of my recordings to show Luke. He loved watching Shaun White on the half-pipe and thinks snowboarding is really cool. However, he still thinks ice skating is cooler, and his daddy is not too happy about this! As some of you know, Lukey had surgery to remove his adenoids yesterday. He was a champ! A star patient and all went well! The dr. also make incisions in his ears to remove the sticky, gunky fluid that has been in his ears for several months now. With that gone, hopefully Lukey will be hearing and feeling better soon!  You should have seen him in his scrubs---so cute! But what was even cuter was Lukey's lovie, Bun-Bun, who was also decked out in scrubs! The people at Le Bonheur are awesome!! They love children and it shows!

Okay, so there's a little bit of the random happenings going on at our house. Hope you are all enjoying some warmth and if not, go get your Vitamin D!!


Molly Witherington said...

yay! i've missed your posts! i need to go get some vitamin d, too. we had a 50 min walk for our outside time today. now i know your first thought is, does a 40 week pregnant person need to walk that long. oh, we only made it to the end of our street and back. kate was pushing elmo in the little bitty stroller - she takes a while:) oh, my mom says when we lived in boston people left their lights up through february. so no biggie, there.

Kelly B said...

it's down!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

lindley -
-love our pictures you took!
-funny you mention vit D. G just had a physical that revealed he was extremely vit D deficient, so we started the supplements this week. my ped also has me giving them to baby H.
-love your random thoughts.

Anonymous said...

hi lindley -
me again...
didn't know luke just had surgery...i only skimmed this post the first time...i'm so thankful it went well and that he is hearing and feeling better.
-jennifer thompson


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