Monday, March 1, 2010

a few reasons why

I love March! Because. . .

--it signals, wait for it. . .the Academy Awards!!! In case you were wondering why I have movie ticket stubs on my header, that's why. And, in case you didn't pay close attention to the aforementioned movie tickets, they are from Avatar! Hubby and I went to see it on New Year's Eve and it was amazing!!! It's nominated for Best Picture and it has my vote!! We saw others, Up in the Air, The Education, etc, but this one blew me away in so many ways!!

--I can now devour the Girl Scout cookies that were just delivered!

--it's my birthday month!

--Spring is on its way (and we really need to get outside)!

--March Madness!

--Spring Break!

Well, I guess I'm still a fall/winter girl, but I'm trying to find the positive in winter coming to an end. What about you?

1 comment :

amber@This Mommy Cooks said...

I am so ready for some warm weather too! BTW, how do you do your top banner?


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