Monday, February 8, 2010

our Southern winter wonderland!

It's Monday again, and though usually we are sad because Daddy heads back to work, today we woke up to a totally unpredicted winter wonderland and once again, I'm a giddy little school girl!! I don't think I would normally like being awakened to my husband demanding me to "Open your eyes!!" and then opening the blinds, but as soon as the cobwebs cleared from my head, I knew it must mean snow!!! Sure enough, we have around 4 inches of snow on the ground! Big time for the little Southerners that we are! Before Chad left for work, we bundled up the kiddos (Luke is sick with a terrible cough and fever, but we still had to let him play--come on, who am I to deny him fun in the white stuff?) and headed out. I never buy snow gear, because I figure if I do, that will ensure we won't get snow. So, you will see sweet Charlie below, in mismatched mittens that are Luke's from a couple of years ago, both boys in their regular shoes and socks, which were quickly soaking wet, and random scarves on my boys that we scrounge up when a winter wonderland heads our way! Not matching and a little cold---but LOTS of fun was had!

A little unsure at first--due to the snow coming up to his knees!!!

Change of tune--loving this stuff!!

All decked out for the snow!

Hooray! This is much better than the ice--even if I am a little sick!

My big snow bunny!

Our snowman of the year--before Mocha knocked him down to eat his eyes and nose!

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Anonymous said...

Love the little red noses! Mimi


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