Friday, October 23, 2009

tea and pumpkins, or something like that

Been a little out of touch. Have had a lot going on. The day after Luke's birthday, Chad went out of town again, to Europe. He did return last Friday, so we've now soaked up his presence for a whole week!! Upon his return, he showered me with some chocolates, some delicious tea and a beautiful mug from Harrod's, the world's most famous department store! So, since he's been home, I've been enjoying sipping my tea and feeling like not doing much other than that.

However, as many of you know, with little kiddos running around the house, there isn't much time to sit around and drink tea! Therefore, we've been off and running to pumpkin patches, birthday parties, my sister's new house, doctor's offices (Charlie has croup), playdates, errands, etc. etc.
This past Saturday, we once again headed down to MS for a fun-filled day of pumpkins. Cedar Hill Farms is a treat if you live in the area! This year we convinced the Sherrod family it was worth the trip and they joined us for a freezing cold pumpkin patch experience.

Our total of 4 kids (their youngest stayed home) braved the cold, acted as if they didn't notice, and ran around the farm having the time of their life.

We took a hayride to the pumpkin patch, (which due to LOTS of rain this fall, didn't produce the best looking real pumpkins, although this little pumpkin is pretty darn cute)

played on a pirate ship,

explored a hay maze,

watched some pig races, rode a train, buried kiddos in corn kernels and even showed some brotherly love!

The boys did struggle while picking out their favorite pumpkins and gourds. . .

but as you can see from this little face, we had a fantastic day!!


Cozy Coleman said...

We love Cedar Hills Farm!

mrchrishill said...

the picture of the boys wrastlin' is awesome - go ahead and frame it up before they get bigger and you find it one day many days from today and say, "remember when."

As always great pics! So glad y'all love Cedar Hill Farms like we do. Sadly with a crazy fall schedule we haven't gotten out there yet. But after Halloween and a Baby dedication and early November birthday, hopefully we will steal time to get back out there.

Anonymous said...

Always love seeing the boys at the pumpkin patch. The pumpkin patch does look sparce this year but you do have the cutest pumpkins ever!!!Love Mimi


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