Friday, October 30, 2009

jack o' lanterns, spiders and bats, oh my!

I know the kiddos in our city can't wait for these buckets and buckets of rain to turn into buckets and buckets of candy!!! We've been stuck inside again with rainy weather, but we've stayed busy baking graham cracker bars and pumpkin chocolate chip muffins (a recipe I have thanks to my friend Rebecca). And, since Lukey is obsessed with spiders and bats (appropriate for this time of year) we made a fun Halloween lunch! Even though the spiders didn't have 8 legs because the pretzels wouldn't fit, (they kinda looked like bats anyway) Luke was okay with it, since he already made a spider craft that did have 8 legs! I'll be back with more pics of our trick o' treaters, but wanted to wish you all a safe and happy Halloween!! And, enjoying snacking on those pumpkin seeds---we sure will!!


1 comment :

Ashley said...

look at how crafty you are with your halloween lunch! so cute! and i need to get your muffin recipe! when everyone was talking about the pumpkin shortage, i bought a bunch and now have more than i know what to do with! :)


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