Monday, November 2, 2009

treats and not tricks!

Before we jump too far into November, I just had to wrap up our Halloween! For the first time in 20 years, our church did not have a fall fest party on Halloween. So, we had to make other plans. This year we joined some friends for an early potluck dinner and trick-or-treated around their neighborhood! Luke, (aka Superman) who normally likes to feel things out before jumping in, quickly got the idea of how trick-or-treating works and was leading the pack in no time! Little Charlie (aka Froggy) on the other hand, was at the tail end of the pack and even decided to head the opposite way several times! He figured out how things worked eventually and was fascinated by the wrappers in his bucket. We definitely had a Happy Halloween!

An attempt at getting a group shot of the little kiddos
(Cowgirl Carter, Froggy Charlie, Elvis Kate, Lion Austin and Fred Knox)

An attempt at getting a group shot of the big kiddos

Samuel the elephant and Superman

Froggy on a mission!

Trick or treat!

Ariel Kate and Superman Luke (aka Dora and Diego)---sweet friends!

One of the highlights of the night was heading to Aunt Mary's to trick-or-treat! It was her first time (as a new home owner) to pass out treats and Luke was insistent that we show up at her place. So fun!

Trick or treat, anyone home?

Charlie takes time to inspect his goodies!

Aunt Mary and her nephews!

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