Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Happy 4th Birthday Lukey!

This past weekend our little Lukey turned 4!! What a wonderful birthday he had! Luke's been counting down the days until he turned 4 and it was obvious that this was the first birthday he really understood! Chad, Charlie and I went into his room singing Happy Birthday and he was grinning from ear to ear holding up 4 fingers! We brought Luke downstairs to unveil his big present and he couldn't have been more excited--- a spider bike was waiting for him!! "Mommy, Daddy, why did you get me a bike? Is it because I'm a big boy now?!!" Luke chose his favorite local donut shop for his birthday breakfast (we went there last year as well), but he wanted to bring the donuts home because he couldn't stand to be away from his new bike for too long. We appreciated his choice since we had to get ready for his birthday party!

Party time came and Luke was thrilled to have friends and family over for fall-themed fun (nice alliteration, huh?)! The weather was freezing, but not raining, thank goodness. Chad led the kids in a game of Ring the Pumpkin, they were very creative as they painted pumpkins and they had a blast climbing on our playset. Grandpa grilled hot dogs (the birthday boy's favorite) and everyone devoured some yummy cake (though little Mocha doggy finished off the rest of it--no leftovers for later) and brought their pumpkins home with them.

We opened presents with family (superheroes, sea creatures and Diego prevailed this year) and then later headed to our favorite pizza place (per Luke's request again). Luke was so proud he was 4 and was telling everyone around us at the restaurant!

I can't believe our first little baby is now 4. In so many ways he seems it, so big and grown up, yet everyday I still see how really little he still is. You'd be surprised, but I actually haven't been all sappy and sentimental about this birthday. It's just been such a joy to watch him this past year, turn into the big boy he is and a thrill to see how excited he is about life. We are so incredibly proud of Lukey and we love with with all of our hearts. Thank you, Lord, for giving us our sweet, amazing, adorable, tender little Luke. You have blessed us beyond our comprehesion!


mrchrishill said...

congrats on another trip around the sun luke! well deserved big boy bike! also congrats mom and dad for making it to #4 - no easy task. keep up the good work!

Ashley said...

he's so cute, lindley!! glad it was a fun day for everyone. :)

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures and remember when we took your picture on your first bike, do you? (can't post that one) hee hee Luke definitely had a blast on his birthday. He was adorable everytime he opened up a gift. He was so appreciative for all of them. Priceless!!! Love y'all, Mimi


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