Friday, September 25, 2009

Things I'm loving right now. . .

I did one of these posts last November. You can find it here. Several of you commented (and I remember, because I love comments, wink) about how you liked it, so I thought I'd do another "things I'm loving right now" because I'm really loving these things right now! :) So here goes. . .

1. riceworks (my favorite new chips) These are pure deliciousness if you like salt. I do and they were!! I'm normally the kind of girl who goes to Costco or the grocery store and happily takes the samples they offer for a nice little shopping snack. I never intend to buy the product they are selling. However, this past week, the boys and I headed to Costco. We happily sampled the riceworks (sea salt flavor) and fell in love!!! I think Charlie takes after my love of salt because he was addicted right away too and thus we bought them!! If you have a Costco membership---look for them and thank me later. They are super healthy--no MSG, no gluten, no trans fat, etc., etc. Just YUMMY!!! I'm including a picture so you know what to look for. You're welcome.

2. Five Minute Devotions for Children by Pamela Kennedy- This is Luke's favorite bedtime devotion book. We have another Bible story book we read as well, but once we finished it, again, I looked for a new book. This is a great one! Each devotion starts out with an animal story and connects an animal trait with one of God's traits. It has questions for the kiddos, which stump Luke some, but we help him think through them. I believe the age range is 4-8. We started this book a month ago and it seems perfect. I would highly recommend it if you have animal lovers and boys--good combo! If you click on the link above it will take you to Amazon, but I bought ours at Target.

3. Picasa--Awesome photo editing software that is FREE!! As you may know, I have a new toy--my Canon xsi camera. I love it. I'm now paparazzi, but my family is accepting it. Anyway, I've been pointed to Picasa and it's fabulous! A great way to sort/edit/make collages (like mine at the top of our blog). Download it and have fun!

4. Football season--which always brings around our yummy Mexican dip. I've shared this recipe on my blog before, but I have tweaked it some. Here you go. . .
1-8oz. cream cheese
1 can chili---no beans
1 jar picante sauce or salsa
3/4 onion, chopped
jalapeno pepper slices
grated colby/monterrey jack cheese
Frito Scoops

Spread cream cheese in roung baking dish. Then spread chili on top. Next spread salsa, then onions, then jalapeno slices and top with cheese. Heat until cheese melts. We bake at 400 for about 20-25 minutes. Serve with Frito Scoops and enjoy! We love it!!


Miss Angie said...

I, too, love comments! Too bad 90% of my comments are from you! :) I need to find this rice snack you mentioned. I do love salt! As for Picasa, yes, it's great, but my membership is already full of pics, so I can't use it anymore. :(

EBW said...

We're definitely addicted to Riceworks, too!! YUM!

Anonymous said...

Did like the sample you shared with me. Yes, Luke does love his bible devotions book and I loved asking him questions afterwards. He's so smart and really thinks about the questions. Love, Mimi

Ashley said...

I'm loving the things you're loving! Thanks for sharing! :)


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