Thursday, October 8, 2009

off to the beach. . .again!

Exactly a month ago I posted pics from our quick trip to the beach over Labor Day. Well, don't hate us, but the boys and I had the chance to go again and we jumped on it! Chad was out of town all last week and my parents offered to take us to the beach! How nice! Auntie Mar and Uncle Don joined us for part of the trip too. Uncle Don (aka Superman) was a huge hit with Luke as he built tunnels and played superheroes with Luke all day long! Notice how Uncle Don is slaving away, while Luke is just cillin'!

My dad was a goofball as usual (acting like Karate Kid here) but kept Luke and Charlie moving by having races with them in the sand! We did lots of playing on the beach, acting like sea creatures and marine biologists, went to a marine life show with dolphins, sea lions and sharks, ate yummy seafood and played lots more! Thanks for a fun time, Mom and Dad!

Grandpa, Mimi and the boys!

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Anonymous said...

We had such a wonderful time and can't wait to go again. Loved watching Charlie eating lunch on the beach but not sure which he ate more of sand or sandwich! We had so much fun building sand castles, tunnels and tearing them down, burying Luke in the sand and seeing Charlie covered in sand head to toe and not caring at all, riding the waves and seeing those cute white cheeks everytime the waves hit Luke and he'd bounce right back up, throwing the ball to Charlie, going to see the dolphins, sealions, sharks, stingwrays and the dancing bird Charlie (and us singing to make him dance), watching Uncle Don and Grandpa building a tunnel, chatting & laughing with Margaret, seeing such a wonderful Mommy and her two boys enjoy the beach, watching Don ride the waves, seeing Grandpa and Luke ride the big waves their last day, having time together with Margaret and Don, Lindley & the boys, being with my wonderful husband, having delicious meals and having perfect weather. You just couldn't ask for a better week. Many thanks for sharing it with us. Love, Mimi


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