Tuesday, September 8, 2009

beach bums

We didn't make it to the beach this summer, so to bring in the fall, the four of us hopped in our car and took a quick (well if you call 8 hours quick) trip to the beach over Labor Day weekend. It was perfect!! The weather was beautiful, the boys had a blast in the sand and waves, and we were able to get some much needed relaxation and quality time together!! It had been since last October that we were at the beach, so Charlie was only 6 months old and barely put his feet in the sand. This time around, he was ALL over the place and had sand ALL over him everyday, but he loved it! Luke had so much fun too! Probably the highlight of his trip was throwing the disc (frisbee to you rookies) with his Daddy in the ocean. He couldn't get enough of it! And, though Chad and I weren't able to lounge around and read on the beach, as we have done in years past, we did soak up some sun and had fun playing with the boys! We've been lots of places, but Chad and I think the beach is just heaven!

Look at the seagulls, Mommy!

Strollin' down the beach

Beautiful beach babe!

The waves got me!

Our family loves the beach!


Anonymous said...

Love it, Babe!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures of everyone. Glad you're so quick at getting these posted. I miss y'all so much and it's great seeing you as if you're right here in S.C. Love you, Mimi

Sarah said...

Your blog looks so great!
(And your little ones are SO cute!)


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