Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Go Diego Go!

Move over marine biologists, Luke has found a new future occupation. . .animal rescuer! Thanks to Diego, which he recently discovered, he has a blast using his imagination and running to the rescue of animals calling out for help. As you know, Luke started Pre-K recently and it turns out his new little buddy Kate, has an equal passion for Dora, Diego's cousin. Luke and Kate are having a blast at school pretending to be Diego and Dora. In fact, Luke's teacher told me today that Luke and Kate asked her to call them Diego and Dora!! We've had many of these conversations at home as well. I hear things like, "Mommy, I'm Diego. My other name is Luke."

Luke has also given Charlie the name Baby Jaguar, because, in case you aren't up to speed on Diego, he has a baby Jaguar that goes on adventures with him! Anytime Luke talks to Charlie he calls him Baby Jaguar. It's a good thing Charlie already knows his name--I just hope he doesn't start answering only to Baby Jaguar!! Last week we went to the zoo with a bunch of friends. The entire time at the zoo, Luke and his friends were pretending to be characters from Diego and Dora. So cute!

Luke in the middle next to Dora and Alicia (Diego's sister) along with his other friends all named after Dora and Diego characters!!
Thanks for the pic, Kelly

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The Robinsons said...

so funny! we are so thrilled that kate has found an equal partner in the dora/diego obsession and that they can just play & play all they want without the usual *forcing* a friend to participate... so cute! love the pic!


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