Tuesday, June 2, 2009

swimming, Superman and Jesus

My boys are loving the pool life!! Well, really just Luke. Charlie only tolerates being in the raft for 15 minutes or so. This summer (yes, I know it's not technically summer yet) is turning out to be a little different than last summer. Last year, when I took the boys swimming, Charlie hung out in his car seat (he was only 2-3 months old), while Luke and I played in the pool. This year, Charlie can no longer be contained in a car seat, so the tube is the only way I can manage 2 boys in the pool!

Lukey took swimming lessons a couple of weeks ago and is IN LOVE with swimming. I promise that he asks to go swimming everyday before only being out of bed for 5 minutes!! He has NO fear in the pool and I have in turn absorbed all of his fear because of his lack of fear! Although he can't really swim yet----only for short distances, he still is quite the fish! He's loving to practice everything he learned in his lessons--especially the Superman glide. Now, his favorite part of swimming is the "dive" (aka the belly flop) to Chad or myself, followed by the Superman glide. Because of the name of this stunt, he has inquired all about Superman. We saw a picture of him in the bookstore the other day and I proceeded to tell Luke things about Superman. Today, while driving, Luke asked me where Superman was. I asked him what he meant. He said he was wondering why we couldn't see him flying around!! I guess, in my description of Superman the other day at the bookstore, I left out the fact that Superman was not real. I had to explain he's like the Little Einsteins. I think it sunk in, but he said he really likes Superman because he helps people---which in turn led us to a profound conversation about the Lord!! Who knew?? One minute it's Superman, the next, we're diving (pardon the pun) into Jesus! Whatever it takes to get there, right?

Flying in mid-air, this is Luke's dive or belly flop!

Floating cutie pie!


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That's cute! I'll soon be posting pics of my adopted niece & nephew - I start the Nanny job in 2 days!


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