Friday, June 12, 2009

If Charlie ruled the world. . .

--he'd have access to every phone he could get his hands on and NO ONE would ever take them away from him. He'd be allowed to dial numbers at will and would frequently put the phone up to his ear to hear the lady in the phone say "If you'd like to make a call . . ."

--the national pasttime would be to drop things, say "uh oh" and gauge people's reactions.

--there would be grilled ham and cheese sandwiches and fruit (preferably banana) for every meal.

--he would also make sure there are rocks all over the ground for the in between meal snacks!

--there would be plenty of bug spray around, so he wouldn't look like a red puff ball everytime a mosquito bit him!

--the Little Einsteins theme song (or really any music for that matter) would play all day long.

--he'd put going to Target on his to do list----just to see the Target red balls (sound familiar??)!

--there would be paci's and Froggy in reach at all times.

--and finally, he would make sure that everyone knew how to do the "Aaahchooo" and head toss to make him laugh hysterically on the spot!!


*the Jones family* said...

so funny.... what a cutie! So glad our little guys are friends.

The Keller's said...

You just described Daniel to the T. Sounds like they could live in each other's world and be perfectly content. Too cute!

Heather said...

Kellen and him would be great long as we had enough paci's :)


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