Saturday, May 30, 2009

sweet friends + lots of fun=awesome Memorial Day weekend

Our dear friends from Michigan, whom we first met back in our Indiana grad. school days, decided to head to Memphis for a visit over Memorial Day weekend. We've tried to see them once a year since leaving Bloomington. The first year after we left IN, Ben and Elisabeth came to see us. The next year we went to Michigan. We missed a year in there, then all met in Destin the next year, and skipped last year due to both of us having babies in the spring/summer. So, we started up again this year---us with 2 boys now and them with 2 girls now--though their baby girl #3 is due this fall!

The Mills and the Jacksons---2004 (pre-babies)

The Mills and the Jacksons----2007 (plus one boy, plus one girl)

The Mills and the Jacksons---2009 (2 boys, 2 girls and 1 more Mills girl on the way)

When we met in Destin, Luke and Janie were too little to play as friends. This year---what a blast they had! We were blessed to have them stay with us for 3 and a half days and we haven't heard the end of the trip from Luke yet! He had a built in friend for 24/7 and LOVED it!! As you can see from the pics below, they might just be a match made in heaven!!

We kept our families busy and the little ones, Charlie and Juliana, were troopers. In just 3 short days, we made it to the zoo, the sprinkler park, swimming, downtown for BBQ, trolley rides and more! It is so neat to be able to keep in touch with families from a distance, get together and feel like nothing has changed (well except for adding kiddos to the mix)!!

We love you Mills family! Thanks so much for the visit and for your LONG road trip to see us!!

Give me a hug!

Awww, thanks!

pool time fun!

Luke and Janie--sweet little friends. . .

Charlie and Juliana---sweet little friends in the making!

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Elisabeth Mills said...

We miss you all, and I love the photos! I haven't even had a chance yet to look at the ones on my camera. Tell little Luke that Janie misses him too. We are ready for more Memphis fun with the Jacksons! I am looking forward to the day when I can do the drive by myself, which still might be a little ways off, but then we could see each other a little more!


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